White Tail Farm is situated on 100+ acres in Charles County Maryland- Southern Maryland’s Amish country- the southern tip of the state just 40 miles South of Washington, DC and 48 miles north of Fredericksburg, VA. We chose the farm name after the abundance of White Tail deer on the property. 

Purchased in 1981, our primary agricultural effort then was Maryland Type 32 Tobaccco – raising upwards of 90 acres of tobacco – all done by hand.  The tobacco barns used to air-cure tobacco are still standing on our farm today as do the thousands of hand-sharpened tobacco sticks used for spearing and hanging the tobacco in the barns.

In addition to tobacco, we raised hogs, sheep and cattle – in that order and always in large numbers.  We’ve also bred Chocolate Labradors, raised our children in 4H and owned and showed big horses.  As 3rd generation farmers, we are certainly no stranger to hard work, long hours, or owning up to the responsibilities of caring for livestock - always in large numbers; and the miniature horses are no exception (other than we’re a lot older now).

We ventured into the Miniature Horses in December of 2007.  It was at that time that a partnership for the miniature horse breeding business formed between Marlene & Holly who are Mother / Daughter-in-law.  We’re the first to admit we couldn’t operate this breeding business without the tremendous support and understanding of our wonderful husbands.  It helps that both families live on the farm which also adds the wonderful benefit of having grandchildren involved on a daily basis.  Nothing better for the soul than children and miniature horses together!

Thanks to all the breeders (now dear friends) who have helped us put the best breeding program together. You can view these amazing people on our links page – we cherish all these new friends and mentors!

When we established this miniature breeding program, we had searched some well known farms that had been successful for 25+ years (now we can say 30+ years).  We kept coming back to the most famously recognized stallion, Boones Little Buckeroo (Buckeroo) owned by Little King Farm (LKF). We decided initially to gear our program around a well known bloodline and successful progeny and hope to offer the same champion bloodlines, and more importantly, the quality on this side of the country.

While we do have other nationally recognized champion bloodlines in our horses to compliment the select breeding pairs, we primarily focus on Buckeroo. We currently have 3 Buckeroo sons and 2 Buckeroo daughters as well as dozens (and dozens) of Buckeroo grand-get. We also have a BTU son, a Double Destiny son, and the first stallion we purchased is a grandson of both Buckeroo and L&D Scout. We then purchased two Billy Idol sons as an outcross and more recently an L&D Scout son as an outcross. These nationally recognized champion lines are known to be an amazingly successful cross with Buckeroo. We’re anxiously awaiting 2012 to see the resulting foals from these crosses. As of 2012 we have amassed 100 AMHA/AMHR horses in our program not counting the current foal crop. 2012 is our 5th foaling season and we think the very best foals are hitting the ground this year as we’ve tweaked our program and our breeding pairs.

Without a doubt, Buckeroo is the most well-known miniature stallion in the world today. He holds the unequaled record of winning three National Grand Champion Senior Stallion Titles.

Without a doubt, Buckeroo is the most well-known miniature stallion in the world today. He holds the unequaled record of winning three National Grand Champion Senior Stallion Titles. He has captured the hearts of all that know him because he possesses the extreme brilliance, style, and athletic ability that is so very difficult to attain in the breeding of miniature horses.          

                                            Pictured above is the King himself, Boones Little Buckeroo (top left corner) and our 5 Buckeroo bred stallions. Visit our Stallion page for pedigrees and details.

 “His Progeny Speak For Themselves” … Buckeroo get and grand-get have won innumerous National Grands, Reserve National Grands, National Champions and Top Ten Awards in Halter and Performance over the years in AMHA and AMHR Nationals! There is a distinct “Power of the Pedigree” in Buckeroo’s progeny! In TEN consecutive years, SEVEN Buckeroo sons and grandsons won the AMHA NATIONAL GRAND CHAMPION SENIOR STALLION TITLE!

 Buckeroo’s list of champion get and grand-get goes on and on. His style and brilliance are visible for generations in years to come. It is the belief of many who have been involved with Buckeroo and his get over the years that this stallion will go down in the history of the miniature horse as one of the most proponent valuable stallions in the foundation of the modern American Miniature Horse.  At the 2007 World Show – Buckeroo won yet again the coveted World Champion Get Of Sire Title with 3 stunning buckskins- Little Kings Buckeroo Forevermore, Little Kings Lets Talk About Bucks (full sister to our stallion Electro) and Little Kings Buckeroo Magnificent! This is unprecedented history!!!  Visit LKF’s website and learn more about this fabulous horse – their website is on our links page.

 The world was deeply saddened to learn of Buckeroo’s passing on May 10th 2011 just shy of his 33rd birthday.  A true legend and ICON has been lost in the miniature horse industry. Who knew he had so many followers, so many that hoped one day they too could own an offspring of Buckeroo ~



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