We looked long and hard to find the best bloodlines, conformation and temperament in our mares - even a little splash of color to boot. We feel these mares are excellent quality and will be a great match to our stallions. Our horses receive daily hands on contact and lots of love from all ages as we are a family run farm.  We continue to refine our program and have been adding new mares and fillies along the way. Our most recent purchase is TWO Buckeroo daughters bred to LKF champion stallions! We also purchased our 2nd White Russian daughter and our very first PATTON daughter! Check back often to see what we've been up to - you'll agree we continue to improve our breeding program and will be offering some outstanding Buckeroo, Scout and Idol grandget on the East Coast - - save on shipping and browse what we have to offer. Our Foal and Sale pages are updated timely and always current.  And don't forget to peek in on the BOYS - -we've added some exceptional stallions to our program!! Enjoy your tour of our mares below: 

Enjoy your tour of our mares below:

Little Kings Buckeroo Ivory Little Kings Ebony Buck Indian Peaks Sweet Serenity

2006 Cremello Mare 32.5"
Sire: Boones Little Buckeroo
Dam: Little Kings Bonita Buckeroo

2004 Black Mare 31"
Sire: Boones Little Buckeroo
Dam: Teuts Sparkling Gidget

2006 Palomino Mare 28"
Sire: Lucky Four Rebels Red N Royal
Dam: Lookout Bonsais Sweet Anticipation

Jones' X-Quizet In Blue SG Angel In Blue Jones' Just E Nuff Sizzle

2005 Sorrel Mare 29.75"
Sire: Jones' Blue Boy's Texas Tornado
Dam: Jones' Majestic Kizmet

1998 Sorrel Mare 32"
Sire: SG Rapid Blue
Dam: Micros Blue Angel

2005 Mare 32"
Sire: AF Black Majesty
Dam: Jones' Justa Little Drizzl

Jones' Majestic Left U Mystified Arions Platinum Babe Jones' Majestic Kenya Baleevit

2005 Sorrel Mare 33"
Sire: AF Black Majesty
Dam: Sweetwater's Little Rowdys Glory

2001 Buckskin Mare 31"
Sire: Alvadars Double Destiny
Dam: Barnetts Sugar Babe

2007 Mare
Sire: AF Black Majesty
Dam: Legends IMA Ranger Toos First Lady

Triple Ks Boogies Bonanza Rogers HSR Dee Russian Little Cs Lookin Good

Sire - Little Kings Boogie Buckeroo
Dam - Sage Bucks Bambino Cappuccino

2007 32" Mare
Sire: Little Kings White Russian
Dam: EJH Sunny Dee Buck

1998 31.75"
Sire: Little Cs Special Delivery
Dam: Coffeys Little Taylor 89

TEN Ls Patent Dreamcatcher RFM Thunders La Dee Dah Clarion CoCo Chanel

2004 Mare 32"
Sire: Ten Ls Bullets Patent Pending
Dam: Ultra New York Double Dare

2007 Buckskin Filly 31"
Sire: Reeces Thunder Hawk
Dam: Lucky Four Skippa La Dee Dah

2005 Buckskin Mare 33"
Sire: Little Kings Buck Armani
Dam: Little Kings Echo Aurora

De Chevals Velvet Noir SO Dark Rhapsody Shadybrook Mariah

2005 Black Mare
Sire: Grosshills Littlemans Hot to Trot
Dam: Grosshills Velvet and Lace

2007 Mare 27"
Sire: Grosshills Music Man
Dam: HA Golden Princes Misty Rose

1999 Mare 31.5"
Sire: Mini Bits Encore's Little Storm
Dam: Timber Ridge Sheez Incredible

S.O. Aprils Foolish Pleasure BRM Blue Ridge Miss Jazzmine BRM Blue Ridge Ms Tam O'Shanter

2005 Mare 30"
Sire: Schubert Bullets Painted Splendor
Dam: Lil Hoof Hollows Starry Nite

2007 Champagne Filly
Sire: Ridgehavens White Cloud
Dam - Krysty Blue Star Tara

2007 Medicine Hat Filly
Sire: Autumn Ridge Comanche Thunder
Dam: N C Hallalulah

Jones Majestic Tajah Blue Cadle Creeks Rogues Miss Vegas Country Lanes Buck Forever More

2007 Smokey Black Mare
Sire: AF Black Majesty
Dam: LM Pegasus Little Blue Duchess

2007 Black/White Pinto Mare
Sire: Hunt House Farms Rogues Native
Dam: Fantasia Farms Royale Lace

2007 Double Buckeroo Mare
Sire: Little Kings Berkley Buckeroo
Dam: Little Kings Bantum Butterfly

Boones Buckeroos Dream Double Take

Sweetwaters Little Rowdys Glory Sunwoods Steppin It Up

Sire: Little King LKB Buckeroo Dream
Dam: Little Kings Nite Lite Buckeroo

1997 32.75"
Sire: Sweetwaters King and Rowdy Cross
Dam: Timberlanes Magruder Twisted Sister

2008 Buckskin Filly
Sire: Lucky Four Gallants Rebel Buck
Dam: Little Kings Echos Disco Dancer

Jones' White Tails Passionate Kisses

 Mini Ridge White Tails
Roan N Lady
Iona Farms Princess Bride  
Photo Coming Soon!
2008 Gray & White Pinto Filly
Sire: Jones' Blue Boy's Texas Tornado
Dam: Hills Royal Romance

2008 Buckskin Filly  
ire: Six Gems Roan N Out Blue    

2008 Buckskin
Sire: Little Kings Cosmic Dream
Dam: Iona Farms Juju Wish Princess

White Tails Dipped In Dark Chocolate

White Tail Left U Breathless

White Tails Angel Dressed in Blue

Photo Coming Soon!

Photo Coming Soon! Photo Coming Soon!

2008 Palomino Filly 30”
Sire: Majolicas Leatherwood Trigger (Little Kings Leatherwood Buckeroo)Dam: Jones Majestic LeftUMystified

 2008 Palomino Filly 28”
Sire:  Majolicas Leatherwood Trigger (Little Kings Leatherwood Buckeroo)Dam:  SG Angel in Blue


ERL Pattons Something About Her

Rogers HSR Russian Dream

White Tails Just E Nuff Bling

Photo Coming Soon

2005 Chestnut 34”  

Sire:  Glens General Patton
Dam: Lucky Four Color Surprise

2008 Dun 34” 
Sire: Little Kings White Russian (Buckeroo son)
Dam: Rileys Darling Vanna Ray



2008 Filly 28”

Sire:  Jones' Blue Boy's Texas Tornado
Dam:  Jones’ Just E Nuff Sizzle